High-Energy Hydro Cleaning

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We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions with automated tooling capable of delivering ultra-high pressures ranging to 55,000 psi @ > 12 gpm or high-volume at 800 gpm, catering to various needs while prioritizing safety, schedules, performance, and value. Leveraging our strategic alliances with top cleaning equipment manufacturers, alongside our expertise in high-energy hydro cleaning, we ensure effective and efficient results for our partners across industries.

Water Capture, Clean and Consume (WCCC)

Summit realizes that water is a valuable natural resource and that some plant systems can’t handle the volumes needed for cleaning. With our WCCC program, we will put our water handling and conservation plan to work on your next project.

Common Cleaning Applications

• Online and offline boiler deslagging

• Back pass

• Electrostatic precipitators

• Air heaters

• Cyclones

• Condensers

• Piping

• Surface/substrates

• Tank and vessel cleaning