Fleet Maintenance

As a service company that is heavily dependent on equipment, Summit realizes that our field employees and customers need that equipment to function properly and safely. To help meet the maintenance demands of a company that operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, we invested in an over 13,000 square foot garage with 8 bays and the tooling to exceed expectations. This facility is staffed with trained mechanics, fabricators, and inventory control personnel and is overseen by a Fleet Manager. The heartbeat of our shop is our preventative maintenance program (PM).

PM-A Service 500 Hours

Summit’s PM-A Service focuses on inspecting various fluid levels and mechanical components, including engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, hydraulic oil, and drive axle oil, among others. It also includes checks on steering and braking systems, tire condition, lights, wipers, vacuum systems, boom functions, and brake measurements, alongside conducting water pump operation tests.

PM-B Service 1000 Hours

The PM-B Service expands the scope of the PM-A Service to include additional tasks such as changing transmission oil, fuel filter, cabin air filter, blower oil, transfer case oil, and water pump oil, while maintaining the same inspections for fluid levels, mechanical components, and overall vehicle condition.

M-C Service 3000 hours or 6 months

The M-C Service includes PM-A and PM-B Service processes with the addition of tasks involving maintenance, replacement, and cleanings related to specific components, including drive axle oil and filter on Meritor axles, DPF SCR injector on Cummins and PEF filter on Cummins, and ARD head and crankcase filter on Cat.

Emergency Repairs

Even with an active PM program, emergency repairs are unavoidable. Summit has a fully-equipped fleet of service vehicles and relationships with regional service providers ready to tackle repair needs as they arise.